. Grill Blaster

Introducing the hottest new product for the
2015 BBQ season!

Grill Blaster is the easiest, greenest and most effective method to safely clean your grill. Grill Blaster harnesses the power of heat to scour your grill and drip plates. This is not a new method of cleaning (pro barbecue’s have done if for years) but we have made it simple, safe and convenient for the average backyard warrior!

Mice on BBQ

How it Works!

Grill Blaster works on a proven principal called sublimation, the same as a self-cleaning oven. The process of “sublimating” converts a solid to a vapor by heat. Water converts to steam at approximately 212 degrees fahrenheit - food and fat can be converted to carbon ash at 765 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard BBQ’s develop temperatures of approximately 480 degrees fahrenheit. To increase these temperatures to 765 degrees Fahrenheit, the principal of the “Heat Cycle Machine” was employed. The Grill Blaster was designed in such a way to allow trapped gases to cup the aluminum foil within the grate, thus increasing the heat generated under the Grill Blaster to upwards of 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid Pests in your BBQ

   Mice and rats nest in quiet, dark and out-of-the-way locations. Gas barbecue grills provide a waterproof and safe shelter for vermin such as mice and rats to breed, with the added benefit of leftover bits of food on which they gnaw. Take a few minutes out of your day to ensure that your gas grill won't attract any of these unwelcome guests.

BBQ cleaner

Barbeque cleaner

Grill Blaster cleans Barbeque grills like a self-cleaning oven

Grill Blaster cleans BBQ grills like a self-cleaning oven

Barbequing supplies

Barbequing cleaning supplies

An easy way to clean a BBQ grill

if you love to barbeque you will love Grill Blaster

take the work our of cleaning your BBQ

take the work our of cleaning your barbeque grill